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Trending Diamond Shapes to Keep an Eye Out For

How do you figure out what diamond cut is right for your engagement ring? Read on to get a breakdown on some of the most popular shapes.

Diamond Shapes: Emerald, Cushion, and Princess Cut, Oh My!

An engagement ring is probably the most important piece of jewelry a woman will ever receive because it usually stays on her finger for a lifetime. With so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out what ring is right for you or your future bride. If you choose to go with a traditional diamond ring, one of the biggest decisions is diamond shapes.

The shape of a diamond refers to the outline of the stone when viewed from above. It is one of the biggest distinguishing features of an engagement ring, especially if you go for the ever-popular solitaire style, where the diamond sits alone on a band so it’s the spotlight of the ring. Many brides choose to pair solitaire engagement rings with simple or diamond wedding bands.

Diamond Shapes and How to Pick One

There are various factors that will play into what diamond shapes you may consider, including price, other desired features in your ring, and of course, personal style. But here are the basics on some of the most popular diamond shapes to give you a better idea of what’s available.

Round: Round diamonds are the most popular of all diamond shapes—so popular, in fact, that they make up 75% of all diamond engagement rings. Round diamonds are also very popular for diamond stud earrings and diamond solitaire necklaces. They’re a classic because they offer the most sparkle of any of the diamond shapes, reflecting an incredible amount of light. As such, however, it’s also the most expensive

Princess: Princess cut diamonds are the second-most popular shape. Also referred to as square-shaped, they are favored by brides for their modern and geometric look. It is the most brilliant of the square diamonds and is great for hiding imperfections if you need to go with a lower grade diamond for budget reasons.

Oval: Oval diamonds are beloved for their romantic and distinctive shape. The feminine curves of oval diamonds compliment many ring settings. They appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat size, so you can get a bigger bang for your buck, so to speak.

Cushion: Cushion cut diamonds are a sophisticated style that maximizes brilliance. Because of its rounded corners, it won’t snag on clothing or chip as easily as its other square counterpart, the Princess cut diamond. This makes them a great choice for women who are often on the go.

Emerald: The unique rectangular facets of an emerald cut diamond create a chic and elegant look. Originally from the 1920s, this diamond is perfect for vintage-style engagement rings. Their elongated shape also creates a slimming effect on fingers.

Shop All the Shapes at Guven Brothers

If you’re ready for engagement ring shopping, talk to your partner or get advice from friends and family to start deciding what diamond shape might be right for the two of you. You can also browse our website to get an idea of what the different diamond shapes look like mounted on various ring settings.

The best thing to do, of course, is to look at engagement rings in person. Come into our jewelry store anytime for expert help! We carry many of the top designers and every diamond shape you can think of! We can’t wait to find the perfect diamond for you!


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