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What to Wear First: The Engagement Ring or Wedding Band?

One of the most common questions for soon-to-be brides is how to wear bridal jewelry. Follow along as we highlight a few different styles and ways you can pair engagement rings and wedding bands together.

In all honesty, the answer here truly depends on your personal style. According to tradition, the wedding band is placed on the bride's finger first, then the engagement follows. Etiquette experts agree this is the proper way to wear a wedding set. However, this style also has a romantic connotation since the wedding band is placed closest to the heart. While traditions are meaningful to some brides, others feel freedom in tossing aside the rule book. Follow along as we identify all of the ways you can freely wear your wedding band and engagement ring.

How to Wear Wedding Rings During the Wedding Ceremony

As the wedding approaches, many brides start to wonder about the proper way to wear an engagement ring and wedding band during the ceremony. Customarily the bride will remove her engagement ring during the ceremony and give it to the Maid of Honor for safekeeping. The symbol of placing a single wedding band on each other's fingers is a cherished memory to share. Once the ceremony is over and you’re officially married, you can slip your beautiful engagement ring right back on top of your new band.

However, suppose you can’t resist wearing your beautiful engagement ring during the ceremony. In that case, modern brides have no problem slipping on the wedding band over the engagement ring or simply wearing the engagement ring on the right hand until after the ceremony. Walking down the aisle is your moment to shine, so you should feel confident styling your rings exactly how you see fit.

Can You Wear the Wedding Band on Top of the Engagement Ring?

A non-traditional yet nevertheless common style is wearing your engagement ring as the first ring and your wedding band on top. Some brides prefer to wear their rings in the order they were received, as your engagement ring represents the promise you made while the wedding band crystalizes that promise. Wearing your rings in this format could symbolically mean you made a promise, now you are committing to that promise for the rest of your life. The rings are all about your love story, and this is the perfect way to represent that.

Stacked and Nested Wedding Bands

Stacking two wedding bands on either side of the engagement ring creates a distinct and modern bridal set. This style is becoming more and more popular, especially with nested rings that form a unique silhouette surrounding the engagement ring. As one of the most in-demand styles of wedding rings, there are numerous options in the jewelry market for brides to find a style that resonates. Another benefit of choosing stacked wedding bands is that it negates the need to worry over how to wear your wedding rings!

Bonded Together

If you are a bride that likes to keep their stack simple, you may want to consider bonding your wedding ring and engagement ring together, which will give the set an illusion of one magnificent ring. This process called soldering has many benefits—you will only need to keep track of one ring, they will not twist around in different directions, and less damage is caused to the metal bands as they are not rubbing against each other.

Ultimately the Choice is Yours!

Everyone has a unique preference for how to wear a bridal set. Whatever you decide will be the right decision for you. Whether you want to go the traditional route or embrace the freedom of the modern era, there is no right or wrong way to wear an engagement ring and wedding band. Likely, you might decide to switch up your decision as the years pass! Especially if you get an anniversary band to add to your set.

For any bridal jewelry purchase, trust Guven Brothers Fine Jewelry to provide you with the best selection on the market. We are up to date on the latest styles and offer the best brands in the industry to our loyal customers in Alpharetta, Georgia. Visit us anytime to explore our exceptional collection.


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