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Gifting Tips for Valentine’s Day at Guven Brothers

Frantically searching for the best gift ideas for her this season? Follow our tips to find a jewelry gift that will take her breath away and bring tears to her eyes. 

We’ve gathered helpful tips which allow you to handpick the perfect jewelry gift for your love this Valentine’s Day. Finding the right jewelry gift comes down to thinking about your partner’s personal style and the message you want to send. These days, it means so much more to loved ones to know how they are cherished. Follow these gift giving tips and buy them the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gift!

Attentive Partners Pick the Best Gifts

Be observant of your partner and understand their preferred likes and dislikes. This will help guide you to a jewelry gift they will love. In a tight spot, you can always ask them what they want. However, if you want a gift to be a surprise, here are some tips for a successful clandestine discovery.

At home, take note of their daily style, reflected in the clothes and jewelry they frequently wear. Is it bold and colorful or is their style classic and understated? Is jewelry saved for special occasions or does their daily wardrobe reflect a bit of brilliance?

Use social media and sleuth. Look at their Instagram and see what they are wearing, since people usually love to pose with favorite things. Next, see if they have a Pinterest with jewelry ideas. There are many ways to converse about the jewelry they like without arousing suspicions. People love to window shop or give their opinions, so showing a photo of an item and asking for feedback is an open invitation for someone to explain their preferences.

Ask about a design or brand that appears in a movie you’re both watching. Tell them you like a piece they already wear and why. Ask them what they like about that piece.

Gravity of the Gift

Non-verbal communication is the most powerful of all, so think about what your gift is saying. Are you commemorating a specific occasion that is meaningful to both of you or is your gift a simple and loving gesture of regard that happens to be given on a day dedicated to lovers?

In other words, do you want the gift you give to be primarily meaningful and romantic? Or would it mean a lot to you if the gift you give is worn every day? By having a clear answer, you will further narrow down the ideal jewelry gift.

Meaningful and Romantic

For a meaningful and romantic gift, it is often best to pick something elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. This jewelry should match their style. Stick to classic color schemes which include gold, black, navy, silver, and white. Jewelry crafted from sterling silver and white gold are classically safe bets and beautiful to boot. Heart motif jewelry, diamond jewelry, and pearl jewelry like diamond earrings and heart necklaces are all fittingly lovely for a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift.

If you are planning to propose this Valentine’s Day, remember it’s a way to celebrate this special day forever. Make this Valentine’s Day your best one yet and shop engagement rings to find the perfect fit for your love!

Everyday | New Favorite

For a gift focused on casual jewelry that can be worn daily, you should consider your partner’s lifestyle, but you do ultimately have more room for color, shapes, and inventive designs! With an everyday gift, you must take into account your partner’s life with respect to work, leisure, and practicality. How wearable is this gift for them?

A bold pendant or bar necklace is perfect for your partner who dresses up for work each day, making sure to look good even in video conferences. Stud earrings are ideal for a partner who is always on the move and doesn’t want to ever entangle their hair with their jewelry.

Cupid Has Come to Guven Brothers

Now you have suggestions and actionable ideas on what jewelry gift to get your partner for Valentine’s Day! Remember that an ideal one-stop-shop for jewelry pieces everyone will love is Guven Brothers Fine Jewelry.

We are committed to exceptional service, competitive prices, and a high quality selection. It is always our top priority to treat customers like family. Shop at a small business this Valentine’s Day at Guven Brothers in Alpharetta, Georgia. 


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