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5 Ways to Secretly Determine Your Partner’s Ring Size

Are you ready to pop the question to your significant other, but do not want to spoil the surprise? Read on to find out how you can determine your special someone’s ring size in secret.

Getting proposed to is one of the most exciting surprises a person could ever experience. You want to make sure that the proposal is a surprise, but you might not have all the necessary information to ensure this. The biggest problem of pulling off a proposal? Many can argue that it is figuring out your partner’s ring size without clueing them into the surprise. While this might sound impossible at first, there are actually ways of doing so without asking your partner anything. Read on to figure out how you can successfully guess ring size in secret, pulling off the perfect surprise proposal!

Talk to Their Friends or Family

One of your partner’s friends or family is bound to know what size ring they wear, so getting intel from them can be an easy way to determine this. A good thing to consider before you start here is what kind of person you are asking. Ideally, it is best to steer clear of those friends and family that can be classified as gossips so there is not any chance that your partner finds out. If you cannot find someone you feel you can completely confide in, you might want to leave this method as a last resort.

If they do not know off the top of their heads, something you can try is setting up a fake scenario with them to determine it. You can buy a test ring or you can use one of their rings, and have the acquaintance ask your partner to try it on. At the very least, you will get a baseline to start at, or your partner could mention the ring size in passing in this scenario. Either way, you will have an idea of what works and what does not.

Ring Tracing

The easiest way to secretly determine ring size is to do a little personal detective work. When your partner is not home, take one of their rings (ideally one they would wear on their index finger) and place it on a sheet of paper. Using a pen or pencil, carefully trace the outline of the ring, being careful not to leave behind any marks. Do this a couple of times if you are not certain of your first trace. It might be beneficial to trace a couple of rings for a more accurate measurement.

Then, you should bring those tracings to a jeweler. They should be able to examine what you drew to pinpoint an accurate ring size for your partner. This is one of the most reliable methods of determining a partner’s ring size without letting them in on the surprise, so keep this in mind before you try a riskier approach.

Do Some Experimenting on Yourself

If you do not feel comfortable using the above methods, you can always try a bit of trial and error on yourself. Like the method mentioned above, you will need to wait until your partner is not home, then secretly find an appropriate ring from your partner’s jewelry box. If you can find a ring that they wear on their index finger, that would be the perfect one to work with.

Then, instead of physically tracing the ring, try slipping the ring onto your own finger. It will most likely be too small, but that is okay; you are not trying to see if it fits. Rather, see at what point on your finger the ring falls to, then mark that spot on your finger. Afterward, go to a jeweler and have them measure from that spot to determine ring size. It may not be an exact estimate, but you will have a good indication of what size range you should be looking for.

Plan a Trip to the Thrift Store

If you do not want to ask your partner for their ring size, you might be able to find it out from them without asking directly. When you are out and about with your partner, make plans to stop at a thrift store. It might not sound like the best place to test, but it is definitely the one that will arouse the least suspicion.

Then, you should have your partner try on the fashion rings they have on display. Make a good mental note about which ones do not fit and which ones are too big. If they can find one that is a perfect match, take note of the size it is advertised at. You can then use that measurement as the basis for choosing the proper engagement ring.

Why You Should Buy Engagement Rings with Guven Brothers

If you need a jeweler to go to in order to help out with these methods, you will find no better option than Guven Brothers Fine Jewelry. Our team has extensive knowledge of the trends of the jewelry industry, being able to give you expert advice when it comes to choosing the perfect ring for that special moment - and being able to determine your partner’s ring size! When you have that pinpointed, you will have access to one of the widest varieties of engagement rings in the Alpharetta, Georgia area.

If you want the most customizability out of your engagement ring, we also offer you the opportunity to build your own. Choose from various settings and diamonds to create a ring that perfectly embodies the passion you have for your partner. To get started on finding the perfect ring for that special moment, visit our showroom today or send us an email at guvenbrothersjewelry@gmail.com for more information.


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